Aug 15 2010

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A New Blog and Our Re-dedication to this Demographic’s Marketing…

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Nov 16 2009

African American Internet Marketing Summit

Target Market News will host the 2009 African American Internet Marketing Summit on Thursday, Nov. 19th in Chicago at the Wyndham Hotel downtown. The all-day conference — the only such gathering of its kind in the nation — will feature some of the industry’s leading executives and companies in marketing, advertising, media, technology and research.

“Think of this as the 2.0 version of our 2008 Internet Summit,” said Ken Smikle, President of Target Market News. “We added marketing to the title because we’re putting an emphasis on how the Internet and digital platforms reach the $800 billion African American consumer market. With the boom in social media, there needs to be more dialogue on how marketers continue to explore and use the hundreds of targeted digital media platforms available to remain competitive. The financial opportunities are too great to ignore — especially in this economic climate.”

For more information, see

Oct 4 2009

Internet Marketing Degrees?

There is a surge of information on Internet Marketing on the web… But do you need a Degree to prosper at Internet Marketing?


As a self-learned jack of all trades on the Internet, I think that I have had a breadth of knowledge in my own school of Internet Marketing.  I wanted to list some of these skills.  I have since compared them to some of the objectives that the above Internet Marketing schools are stating will be learned in their programs.  From an overall high level… .they are similar.  So how respected will experience be compared to these degrees?  Not sure… but wonder if you will comment!

Here are a few of the skill sets that I believe I have had to pick up in this great field of Internet Marketing.  RESUME Anyone?




  • Managed projects for sites generating over $20M in Revenue for 2008
  • Possess key understanding of web solutions’ best fit to business objectives.
  • Proven ability to present & evangelize less adopted needs to senior executives.
  • Experienced analysis of multivariate & A/B testing via Omniture Site Catalyst/Offermatica.
  • Practice increasing lead generation tactics from PPC campaigns & ROI, while decreasing CPA
  • Delegated tasks among multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Understand and manage web development life cycle.
  • Am competent programmer, familiar with major web servers, various databases, languages, and web development tools
  • Acted as Search Engine Optimization Specialist and can show results.
  • Installed open source, search engine friendly ecommerce, content management, blogs, and community scripts and sites.
  • Generated and created viral RSS widgets for traffic campaigns
  • Know user experience and information architecture.
  • Successfully seeded communities with blogs, forums, and groups.
  • Exercised key social marketing programs via self- created commercially available social networks.
  • Implemented Refer A Friend & Affiliate Programs.
  • Utilized video for marketing, SEO, and viral search engine presence.
  • Tracked user response to strategically increase open and conversion rates for targeted email delivery campaigns.

Email Campaign Example & Level Vodka:

* URL example:

* Need: Radio station and Liquor Sponsor needed event e-advertising

  • I created standard HTML advertising campaign for station and passed event registrants to their custom sign-up page for event registration.
  • Experienced high open rates to a demographically matched email list.
  • Created a Quick Hit SEO plan, with less than one week search engine penetration for event keywords

* Post Mortem:

Videos Example

* Overview: Use of video to promote and evangelize and penetrate top level search engine positions.

* Video Spinning Example: Have used to “spin” videos to multiple video sites. The following screen print shows this spinning to gain positions 2,3,4 and 5 in Google for keywords.

* Example: Promoted Braids By Breslin Product on Youtube and embedded in various feature pages, blogs, and articles to sell instructional DVD’s priced at $20 – $300

* Results of Youtube Use: Gained over 172K views to date and drove over $20K in revenue with the assistance of this Youtube campaign and Search Engine Optimization (NO PPC)

* URL:

* Presidential Campaign Viral Video Example: Virally seeded a Presidential campaign video that generated nearly 100K views in September 2008 (play.php, /main.swf)

Social BookMarking Example

* Article on site was passively “stumbled” upon via Although this was not seeded nor paid for on, I have personally seen the benefit of an exponential gravitation towards a site because of Social bookmarking. Results: From 23 visits on November 1, 2007 to 1157 Visits on November 9th, 2007, there was a 4930% increase in daily visitors traffic, due to the power of a passive bookmark.

* URL:

* Stats Example:

Search Engine Optimization Example

* Background: Understand how a domain name with prime keywords, Title tags, qualified copy/content, strategically generated keywords, alt tags, incoming links from qualified sites can all contribute to the success of search engine positioning.

* Screen Print: number 1/1,960,000 results which leads to high organic Google referrals.

Community/Social Network Websites

* Perform marketing evangelism to over 3100 “friends”

* Created a Facebook application on their Open Source Development platform! Check out which has created a viral application installed on some profiles to allow Facebook members the opportunity to listen to Atlanta jazz, hip hop, r&b, and gospel via their profiles.

* Created my own Social Network Site generating almost 9K page views per month on the KickApps Platform with over 300 active members and 700 user-contributed pictures and videos.

Press Releases

* Overview: Have used, multiple packages on and strategic newsletter releases on highly spidered sites to generate viral PR and blog traffic. The following screen prints shows trendsetting by me using this method since 2003!

Live Casting/Webinars

* Use of Utilize technology to teach Pay Per View Seminars. Live casting ability allows for users to call me, chat live, and take polls for an interactive presentation. Live cast can be seen at OR on “Iframed” presentations on personal sites.

This allowed sharing of information & lead generation.

Reputation Management

* Overview: Key understanding of use of wikis, blogs, personal sites, community sites, domain stack purchases, and more to maintain key search engine positions for personal names and corporate entities.

* Screen Print: High positioning of personal name “Brandon Johnson Atlanta”

Forums and Blogs

* Overview: Key understanding of how to strategically blog and add copy via XML/RSS feeds to increase search keyword density. Subsequently, have a great understanding and working knowledge of services such as, Technorati,,, and to improve viral nature of blogs.

* Number 1 out of 7 MILLION results for my Blog …, Have a number 1 placement of a personal blog, for keywords “black internet marketing”


* Overview: As a web developer and intermediate skilled designer, I am able to scope projects very well. I have a key understanding of great open source software packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more and can use these platforms for economical installations leading to content rich SEO plans.

Aug 26 2009

“Black Internet”: Serendipitous Web Traffic

It pays to watch web trends via your analytics. You may be able to make money off of the trend, if you position an offer to the studied demographic.

Recently, Pirate Bay, a Peer to Peer Tracking site specializing in sharing music and film was ordered to be shut down. To do this, the Swedish court ordered their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to pull their plugs on hosting. That ISP, happened to be “Black Internet”.

Per an article on

Swedish authorities ordered that The Pirate Bay be disconnected from the Internet and the site’s bandwidth supplier Black Internet was threatened with a fine of $70,600 if it didn’t pull the plug.

However Black Internet’s shut down had hardly any effect on Pirate Bay. The site was completely offline for only a short while until another ISP was found. A Pirate Bay insider told TorrentFreak that it “got a new connection to the net” pretty quickly.

Our serendipity came in as our site is optimized for decent traffic from the search terms “Black Internet”.

Tips and Suggestions For Analytical Serendipity.

1.  Watch your stats.  As seen below, we have a site that lately, has not gotten a lot of traffic.  However, a major spike from a reputable Analytics program like Google Analytics  lets you know that traffic is real.  (normally, Google will rule out Spider and bot traffic).

In this case, traffic increased over 900% in one day.

Traffic Boost for "Black Internet"

Traffic Boost for "Black Internet"

2.  Determine traffic source:  In this case, we know from the search engine report what keywords were successful.  “Black Internet”.  But whatever the source of the referrer traffic needs to be investigated.  Sometimes, this may even be social sites, such as Myspace, Facebook etc.  In this case, it was search engine positioning.

3.  Go research the traffic source:  If the source was a blog or article, then investigate to understand what you think caused the traffic boost.

In this case, our traffic boost came from the search engines.  So our next step was to do a search for those terms.  When that happened, immediately, we saw the reason for the surge of traffic.

"Black Internet" Search Engine Ranking

"Black Internet" Search Engine Ranking

Ideas to Monetize Traffic.

1.  Try different products that may cater to the story.  In this case, we are evidently catering to:

  • those who like peer to peer file sharing.
  • those who may like films and music
  • those who may need web hosting
  • build an email list for future marketing.

Therefore, we can always start with Google Adwords to offer contextual ads.  OR we could offer affiliate marketing/CPC offers that may resonate with this audience.

Short Term Traffic.

The buzz will soon bust.  So utilizing this time to your advantage is KEY!

May 20 2009

Our Webinar On How To Make Money Online…

These days, there are an abundance of ebooks, videos, webinars and more, on how to make money online.  Well, here is one more!

Just kidding… but on the real, we had our webinar recently  on NO B.S. methods to make money online.   In this webinar, we showed the audience how to create online revenue via inexpensive website creation and promotion methods, with subsequent affiliate program monetization. 

Check out the webinar by Clicking Here…. It’s  Free

Apr 27 2009

Twitter Over Capacity?

More and more, the monetization of social networks has become the talk of many online, ecommerce strategists. This image shows Twitter OVER Capacity!

The other day, I saw this and thought I would take a picture…. “Twitter Over Capacity”  wow.  What an amazing site…

But it does not surprise me since I can see Oprah tweeting, CNN tweeting about news stories and more…

How can they monetize this though?  Not exactly sure, but check this out…

Twitter Over Capacity

Twitter Over Capacity

Apr 2 2009

The Science of Getting Rich: Chapter 1 Review

So the verdict is still out for some.  For me, I admit that this is a good read.  It really makes you think about finances in a different way.  Growing up, I always remember my Big Mamma stating that the “LOVE of money is the root of all evil”…. However, she made a VERY clear and explained difference that clearly, it was the LOVE and not the money being the actual root. 

Too many people these days may see the capitalistic shortfalls of men like Madoff….  Guys who rob, steal, and cheat.  However, in my eyes, his LOVE of money became the root of his evil  There is the other side of life with money, which shows that money can help one acquire the things that make his mind, body, and soul better.  Once these three are better, and in good and equal proportion, he or she is able to live his or her life to the fullest.  Agree or disagree?  Grab the book and let’s comment and talk about it!  The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Chapter 1

The opening paragraph may be enough to scare the average person away… but truth may reign.  It says, “Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.  No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of mone; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent, he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with. ”

Well, Money –>  Gets Things —>  Which helps to develop the mind, body, and soul.  VERY basic, and once you really assess it… believable. 

READ the full article here:

Mar 29 2009

How to Get Started Making Money on the Internet

If there is anything that is recession proof, working from home to set up multiple streams of income may be a very tangible solution for many….

Yesterday, I was chatting with my oldest son about the economy and his job situation.  He has taken a “non-traditional” route.  By not finishing college, he has had a little harder road than some of his other friends who did finish school.

As I sat there trying to encourage him, I did take the opportunity to try to interest him in learning all that I do.  Now, granted, I have been doing this for years… so perhaps it looks a litte more intimidating than it really should.

I showed him some affiliate commissions…

Affiliate Commissions for Slim Chews

Affiliate Commissions for Slim Chews

Braids By Breslin Affiliate Program

Braids By Breslin Affiliate Program

But with all of that, I am still not sure that he understands all of the streams of revenue join together to make some cool cash flow.

I TRIED to show him, (in terms he could understand), search engine optimized pages of mine showing a number 1 spot… but still not sure that he got it…..

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization

I even tried to show him where his family, owns and operates and 30 other African American city sites with Number 1 Google Status out of 15 MILLION results, which brings miscellaneous affiliate dollars and ad deals from all kinds of companies…

Google Black Atlanta Positions

Google Black Atlanta Positions

I even showed him how we get small daily checks from Google….

Google Daily Clicks

Google Daily Clicks

BUT… with all of that

I think the easiest for him to imagine was when I sparked his imagination by telling him that he could take something that he loved…. turn it into an electronic ebook… and then SELL it.

I helped him calculate the total hours that he thought it would take to write the ebook… and then what it would take to get it in front of a hungry audience who wanted it.  (it is a HOT idea… and if he does not write it, I will!)

Not everyone has an internet marketer for a dad.  But EVERYONE & anyone can acquire RESOURCES.

Personally, I would check out Tim Harris’ sytems.  He shows you how to “Beat the Recession/Depression By Learning How You or Anyone can Generate Instant Fast Cash with no mony, no special skills, or no connections on the internet. ”

Now, I am a realist…. so I preface my recommendation with two knowns for acquiring success..

  • There are people in this world who have a silver spoon and the royal hookup.  They come from money, generate more money, and pass money to their kids.  Nothing wrong with that…
  • THEN, there are hard workers….. who start with nothing and make something.

If you fall into the first boat, good for you.  Otherwise, in the second bullet, you summarize most of us.  You summarize my son, who can come up with unconventional ways to make cash, even though he did not do the “traditional” college route.

Tim shows you how to:

  • implement cash generating strategies for the internet
  • how to monetize web sites
  • use tools to get started
  • produce internet products within 24 hour
  • write sales letters
  • get people to endorse and praise your product.

Better yet, he has a 2 hour course on how to make money from CPA networks, (like I showed you above in the Slim Chews Money Screen Shot)

Again, click here to check him out…. If my son would read all of these helpful guides, and watch the videos, he too would be on his way….even if he has a marketer for a dad!

More Reading from

  • See how I was able to use landing pages to market the Braids By Breslin program.  Click here.
  • See how we started marketing a version of the Slim Chews CPA program by clicking here.
  • Check out our comments on landing pages in the weight loss sector.. .Click here!

Good luck!

Mar 12 2009

Check out this post on RSS Feeds… GREAT!

Great feeds in regards to WordPress and other RSS syndications….

Feb 21 2009

Analytics Tip: What Are Your Low Days?

By taking a quick glimpse at your analytics, you can possibly determine the best conversion opportunities by traffic volume.

I have noticed an interesting trend on one of my B2C sites… one with extremely high organic traffic and search engine penetration.

Your Low Days?

Your Low Days?

The circled two days are Saturday and Sunday.  This helps me to deduce the following:

  • My traffic is highest, of course, during the week.
  • That site visitors must either spend more time on the internet during the week OR
  • Site visitors have a higher opportunity to surf the net at work.

Now, if I can just crack the nut that helps me monetize that weekday traffic!

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